Hog House Building Guide

By building a hedgehog home you are providing a safe dry shelter for our favourite garden visitors. They may simply use the home as a resting place between feeding sessions, they may use it to sleep and if you’re really lucky you may find one chooses chooses to have her hoglets in the home you have provided. See below for some helpful hints for your hedgehog home.

  • Place in a quiet and shaded area – hedgehogs don’t like a lot of noise or a lot of weather.
  • Keep your distance once in position – human smells may deter them.
  • Leave out some nesting materials such as hay or dry leaves, please don’t use straw as this can poke the hedgehogs in the eye.
  • Locate the feeding station a suitable distance so as not to attract other wildlife too close to the hedgehogs resting place.
  • Clean out the hog house in either April or October as these are times where hedgehogs are usually not nesting with young or hibernating, only clean out the home if it is not currently in use.
  • Be patient – all we can do is provide a safe and comfortable home, the rest is up to the hogs!

If you don’t want to build your own hedgehog house there are a number of them available to buy, such as this one from Home and Roost. Please do not buy the igloo style hog houses with the wire on the inside, hedgehogs will get trapped in this.