About Us

We are a community organisation registered with the British Hedgehog Preservation Society and as an organisation with Gateshead Council, and currently based at Sandra’s home in Woodside Ryton. Our volunteer community organisation aims to rescue, rehabilitate and release hedgehogs back into the wild. All those involved do so on a volunteer basis and we work together to provide round the clock care to these amazing creatures.

Hope for Hedgehogs started out with Sandra and a billion hedgehogs in her utility room, it was too much for one person and too small a space to get people in to help, Sandra met Sam and sometime later Becky and Tracy and then Hope for Hedgehogs was born!

Our Aim
First and foremost is the rehabilitation and release of as many hedgehog casualties as we can, this also includes giving emergency advice to members of the public, occasionally collecting sick or injured hogs. Sharing useful information via our social media platforms, fund-raising, running education and awareness days or attending community-based events.

Education & Awareness Work
One of our aims is to give educational and awareness talks to schools and community groups, encouraging the public to consider the consequences of their actions upon wildlife and prevent hedgehog casualties. Hedgehogs are in decline in Britain and are now listed as “Vulnerable” on Britain’s red list of mammals. According to the latest State of Britain’s hedgehogs report, numbers of hedgehogs have fallen by up to 30% in urban areas and 50% in rural areas since the Millennium.

Rehabilitation of Sick and Injured Hedgehogs
We take seriously ill, and injured hogs, as unfortunately, humans are responsible for many hedgehog deaths and injuries, through the irresponsible disposal of litter, habitat destruction and the use of garden tools and chemicals. Many young babies are left orphaned and so we take litters of orphaned hoglets, which have to be hand-reared (three hourly feeds!) before weaning and fattening up for release.