Help Hope for Hedgehogs

Caring for hedgehogs is a costly business, it’s self-funded with support from the hedgehog loving community. We raised a truly amazing amount from our first ever fundraising event which has helped up build a hogspital but we also need help with the ongoing costs of providing food and care for these wonderful creatures.

There are a number of ways you can help support Hope for Hedgehogs so we can continue caring for these adorable yet sadly endangered animals.

PayPal: if you would like to donate to Hope for Hedgehogs via PayPal you can do so here.

Amazon wish list: if you would like to send your support in the form of food or cleaning products (we go through a lot of both!) you can see our wish list here.

Donate: if you would like to make a donation towards food, care, vet bills or medication you can set up a standing order or make a one off payment into the Hope for Hedgehogs bank account –
name on the account: Hope for Hedgehogs at Woodside
sort code: 20-83-73
account number: 33514587.

3 babies your donations have helped save!