Foster Carer Info

If like us, you share a love of hedgehogs and would like to be more involved in their rescue and rehabilitation then you could become a foster carer. Many hogs spend their time in the hogspital getting fit and well enough to leave the hogspital but they aren’t yet ready for release. This is the stage where they go to a foster carer for some special attention in the form of a safe secure home and reliable food and water supply.

If you would like to become a foster carer please carefully consider the criteria below to see if you would be able to help a hedgehog.

  • Can provide a stocked feeding area 365 days a year. This means, as a minimum, water and kitten biscuits. Tesco kitten biscuits are a favourite with the hogs and with us as they’re so cheap!
  • A safe garden – this would mean that any ponds have a ramp to prevent drowning and that pesticides are not used.
  • Established hog community in area.
  • Space for roaming – this can be in the form of a single large garden, several smaller gardens with hedgehog access points or open space beyond.

This is Dudley. He came in to us weighing a mere 37g! He required feeding every 3 hours, including through the night. He was so small his eyes weren’t open yet! All of this care was provided in the hogspital (ran out of a utility room at the time!). Once he reached an appropriate stage he was released from the hogspital to a foster carer. The foster carer continued Dudley’s care until he reached almost 500g and he was ready for release into the wild. The final picture shows Dudley’s release. Even after release the garden feeding station is kept stocked so he has supported feeding until he reaches the point where he can forage without support, the feeding station remains should he ever wish to visit.