Feeding station

This is our guide to creating a feeding station for our prickly visitors. See beneath for some helpful hints and what to feed them and what to avoid feeding them!

Helpful Hints
Consider putting some newspaper on the floor of the feeding station, this will make it easier to clean out as our prickly visitors can make quite a mess!
Clean out the food bowl once a day, especially if using wet food. Hedgehogs have been known to poop in the feeding bowl so handle the bowl carefully and wash your hands after handling.

What to feed hedgehogs
Kitten biscuits – particularly chicken kitten biscuits
Wet food – cat/dog meat wet food
Mushrooms – as a treat
Roast chicken – as a treat

What not to feed hedgehogs
Milk/milk-based products – Hedgehogs are lactose intolerant after weaning, the resulting diarrhoea can kill them
Bread/cake/biscuits – no nutritional content and hog can fill up on them and so stop seeking nutritional food
Mealworms/peanuts/sunflower seeds – high in phosphorus and low in calcium. The hogs body will try to balance out both and take calcium from the teeth and bones causing metabolic bone disease