It’s competition time!

This month we are running a hedgehog highway competition. With prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.

1st prize – hedgehog house as pictured below
2nd prize – hedgehog sponsor pack
3rd prize – mini sponsor pack

If you want to be with a chance of winning all you need to do is create a hedgehog highway and send us a before and after pic. Hedgehogs roam up to 2km per night so it’s important that they have freedom to move around, hedgehog highways can help with this. The hole will need to be 13cm x 13cm and will require neighbour cooperation! Please do make sure to talk to your neighbours before creating holes in any boundaries.

This could be a fun project to do with kids over Easter.

The competition will run throughout April. Photos can be submitted to us to our inbox or by email to All submissions will be posted on our facebook page on 1st May for Hedgehog Awareness Week and the 3 with the most votes at the end of the week (7th May) win a prize 🙂

You can also log your hedgehog highway on the Big Hedgehog Map –, you can log hedgehog sightings here too 🙂


We are a hedgehog rescue and rehabilitation based in Ryton Gateshead.

Staffed and run entirely by volunteers, we rely on the publics help and assistance to help save these beautiful creatures who are now on the red list and in danger of being wiped out in the UK.

We post weekly updates on the hogs in the hogspital on our Facebook page so come check us out!

Nimbus – this little fella was exhausted after being tangled in a football net for 48 hours. We cut the twine away, treat his wounds and gave him antibiotics before sending to a foster carer to fatten up and keep an eye on before being released.

Mandrake Nugget – found in a McDonald’s car park.

Angelina – brought in weighing 170g at 4 weeks old. She was found by concerned hedgehog lovers who saw 2 young children kicking a football at her while their mothers looked on.
She was starving, dehydrated and covered in flystrike.