We are a hedgehog rescue and rehabilitation based in Ryton Gateshead.

Staffed and run entirely by volunteers, we rely on the publics help and assistance to help save these beautiful creatures who are now on the red list and in danger of being wiped out in the UK.

We post weekly updates on the hogs in the hogspital on our Facebook page so come check us out!

Nimbus – this little fella was exhausted after being tangled in a football net for 48 hours. We cut the twine away, treat his wounds and gave him antibiotics before sending to a foster carer to fatten up and keep an eye on before being released.

Mandrake Nugget – found in a McDonald’s car park.

Angelina – brought in weighing 170g at 4 weeks old. She was found by concerned hedgehog lovers who saw 2 young children kicking a football at her while their mothers looked on.
She was starving, dehydrated and covered in flystrike.

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